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Message 1064732 - Posted: 8 Jan 2011, 20:20:29 UTC

I can't close boinc manager, My computer slowed down considerably since I installed a new GT240 video card and seti is running two tasks at a time. What the hell is going on?
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Message 1064777 - Posted: 8 Jan 2011, 22:04:01 UTC - in response to Message 1064732.  

Read the CUDA FAQ. That's what is going on. You can disable it through the project preferences: Use CPU yes, Use Nvidia GPU no.

Or you can leave, as you seemingly have done so.

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Message 1064782 - Posted: 8 Jan 2011, 22:14:12 UTC - in response to Message 1064777.  

Or you can leave, as you seemingly have done.

Yep, after giving us all of 45 minutes to answer. :-(

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Message 1089155 - Posted: 21 Mar 2011, 19:31:24 UTC

yeah, instead of actually looking into whatever problem he might be having, he just quit. dang.
well, oh well, its not like a 240 is gonna be crunching some new speed records or something.
i remember how i was treated when i left collatz.
i was pretty much laughed at.
at least this guy got a see ya from me.

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