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Message 2828 - Posted: 30 Jun 2004, 14:57:19 UTC

OK, maybe I am just a moron, but I have no clue on what I am supposed to put into that box, I assume others know, please help me.
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Message 2832 - Posted: 30 Jun 2004, 15:20:15 UTC

You should have an e-mail that has your info in it and at the bottom you should have:

This email confirms the creation of your SETI@home account.

SETI@home URL:
Your account ID: a whole bunch of numbers and letters here.

This ( what you should put in the box, if I am reading your question right
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Message 2833 - Posted: 30 Jun 2004, 15:22:09 UTC

The email you receive when you register has the URL and your user ID. Put these in the respective boxes. :)

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Attatching to a Project

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