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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Started?

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Dr Mac
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Message 1055955 - Posted: 14 Dec 2010, 15:14:47 UTC

OK...I'm dummy. I've been looking around the site and cannot see how to set up the SETI screensaver. Help please.
Dr. Michael T. McEwen
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John McLeod VII
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Message 1055982 - Posted: 14 Dec 2010, 16:47:27 UTC

OK, I don't know where you got to.

1) Download the appropriate version of BOINC for your operating system.

2) Install. Note that if you have a Graphics card that might be able to do work for SETI, you should NOT use the protected install.

3) When BOINC runs for the first time, it will bring up a wizard to attach to a project. Select SETI@Home from the list (you can add more projects later).

4) (Optional). Add projects by clicking on the add a project button on the simple view.

5) Set the computation options (Preverences).

6) The actual screen saver (pretty display when you are not using the computer) can be configured by going through the control panel -> Dispaly -> Screen Saver -> BOINC.


Questions and Answers : Getting started : Started?

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