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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Bionic tracker?

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Message 1050491 - Posted: 23 Nov 2010, 4:41:17 UTC

I'm a avid iPhone user (NOT a Machead) and was wondering if it would be possible to create a tracker for the tasks being completed on bionic without being @home.

John McLeod VII
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Message 1050555 - Posted: 23 Nov 2010, 12:07:35 UTC

Yes. How much work it is going to be depends on how immediate you want the results.

There are already third party stats sites that can be set up to send you a text message when they are informed of credit granted. is one of these sites. Setting this up is going to be very little work.

The entire BOINC (note spelling please) is open source, and you could write a manager sort of object that would send an email or a text whenever it notices some sort of state change you might find interesting. Creating this is going to be a lot of work.


Questions and Answers : Wish list : Bionic tracker?

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