How do I get more work units?

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Message 1044204 - Posted: 24 Oct 2010, 5:28:27 UTC

I would like to get more work units, for example I get two units on a Friday it takes two days to run them. I then I have sit and wait for five days till the servers are back on line to get more work. To me this is not an efficient use of my computer time. How do I go about getting a weeks worth of work at a time?
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Message 1044250 - Posted: 27 Oct 2010, 21:58:34 UTC - in response to Message 1044204.  

Go to your Computing preferences and set "Maintain enough work for an additional" to a convenient value.

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Message 1044267 - Posted: 28 Oct 2010, 1:00:19 UTC - in response to Message 1044204.  

Do bear in mind that a better way to ensure your resources have work to do is to join a backup project for when SETI is down.
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Questions and Answers : Web site : How do I get more work units?

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