Almost always SETI is not working

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Message 1042114 - Posted: 14 Oct 2010, 19:23:35 UTC

I have too often the messages "(date/time) SETI@home Scheduler request failed: Couldn't connect to server" or "(date/time) Project communication failed: attempting access to reference site" when I try to update the project. What's up?

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Message 1042132 - Posted: 14 Oct 2010, 21:22:49 UTC - in response to Message 1042114.  

from the HOME PAGE:

Weekly Outage and Initial Catch Up
Every Tuesday morning (Pacific time) we begin a 3 day data distribution outage to focus on science processing and development plus any needed systems maintenance. The upload/download servers will be offline during this time. The web site (including the forums) will only be offline during the database maintenance and backup portion of the outage. On Friday, you may experience connectivity issues as the servers catch up with demand. 13 Oct 2010 4:08:25 UTC

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Questions and Answers : Web site : Almost always SETI is not working

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