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Questions and Answers : Windows : Concerned about internet bandwidth

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Message 1031089 - Posted: 5 Sep 2010, 4:42:50 UTC

Hi all. I have a rather slow ADSL2+ line (2.0Mbps) & wondered if SETI@HOME will chew up my precious bandwidth. I have unlimited downloads/uploads so that is good. Can anyone let me know about bandwidth?

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Message 1031107 - Posted: 5 Sep 2010, 8:31:00 UTC - in response to Message 1031089.

About 350KB per Multibeam Seti Enhanced task.
About 8MB per Astropulse task.

So it all depends on the amount of tasks you want to cache. Seti will be off line for 3 days during the week (Tuesday to Friday morning Californian time), during which time you can't upload or download. This means that your main bandwidth peak will be on Friday through to Tuesday.

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Message 1031167 - Posted: 5 Sep 2010, 15:41:44 UTC

I really wouldn't worry about it. It is possible to do SETI BOINC with dialup. I have a 3.0 Mb connection with 5 machines behind it...


Questions and Answers : Windows : Concerned about internet bandwidth

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