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Message 1025070 - Posted: 14 Aug 2010, 18:13:45 UTC

Hi everyone,

I am currently running 2 CP tasks on my laptop (one on each core) which is working fine.

To utilise the GPU (CP doesn't use it) I am trying to run a SETI task using GPU only but without success.

One CP task now says "waiting to run" and the SETI task is using CPU only and not the GPU at all. I have set preferences in Seti not to use CPU (option on the website) and to use GPU at all times in preferences in BOINC manager (will set to only use when pc not in use once I know it's working)

I assume it is possible to run SETi using the GPU only whilst running 2 CP tasks on the CPU?

thanks in advance

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Message 1025124 - Posted: 14 Aug 2010, 21:11:26 UTC - in response to Message 1025070.  

I think your GPU hasn't enough onboard memory to run SETI tasks. So, I'm afraid you have to look for another project that fits your GPU.

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Message 1025143 - Posted: 14 Aug 2010, 22:05:06 UTC - in response to Message 1025070.  
Last modified: 14 Aug 2010, 22:06:10 UTC

The task you have of Seti is showing to be running with the Seti Enhanced v6.03 application, which is CPU only. v6.08, 6.09 and 6.10 are GPU applications.

When did you set to use GPU only? After you got that task? For if so, those preferences will only be used when you get new work. Or try to get new work, which you cannot as there's a minimum limit of 254MB of video RAM needed. Your 9300M GS only shows to have 231MB, which is probably 128MB + shared computer memory.

The check is done on real video memory only, BOINC doesn't count shared memory. If your 9300M GS has only got 128MB of its own memory, then the only project you can run on that GPU is Collatz.

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Running CP and SETI together.....issue

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