How do you use "account_PROJECT_URL.xml"?

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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : How do you use "account_PROJECT_URL.xml"?

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Message 1023474 - Posted: 7 Aug 2010, 15:47:00 UTC

I can't figure out where to put the file "" on another computer that also has boinc installed. Can someone help me with this? I'm trying to get Seti working on other computers in my home.

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Message 1023482 - Posted: 7 Aug 2010, 16:00:23 UTC - in response to Message 1023474.

Make sure BOINC isn't running on the other computer.
The file you mention needs to be in the BOINC Data directory (for BOINC 6, at least. For BOINC 5 it needs to be in the BOINC directory).

Default paths to the BOINC Data directory can be found in this FAQ.

Only when the file is copied over, do you restart BOINC.

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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : How do you use "account_PROJECT_URL.xml"?

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