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Message 1007875 - Posted: 24 Jun 2010, 21:34:21 UTC

Several years ago I switched to the bouncing logo screensaver instead of the graphical one. I'd like to switch back, but can't figure out how to do it.

It's windows XP, BOINC mgr 6.6.38

Thanks for your help.
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Message 1008070 - Posted: 25 Jun 2010, 6:31:52 UTC - in response to Message 1007875.  

You can't

You are using Optimized apps (Anonymous platform) which have no graphics:



Windows optimized S@H Enhanced application by Alex Kan
Version info: SSE2x (AMD/Intel, Core 2-optimized v8-nographics) V5.13 by Alex Kan
SSE2x Win32 Build 44 , Ported by : Jason G, Raistmer, JDWhale

- ALF - "Find out what you don't do well ..... then don't do it!" :)
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Switching back to graphical screensaver

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