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Message 1004878 - Posted: 16 Jun 2010, 22:40:43 UTC

About 30 min ago I discovered on 2 computers I am running the project SETI@home twice.
It appears that the project name for SETI@home Beta changed to SETI@home.
The Total Credits for the 'new' SETI@home are those of SETI@home Beta; I could verify that on a third computer.
The massages I received are as follows:

16-06-2010 23:54:01 SETI@home Beta Test Sending scheduler request: To fetch work.
16-06-2010 23:54:01 SETI@home Beta Test Requesting new tasks
16-06-2010 23:54:02 SETI@home Beta Test Started upload of 23mr10aa.6549.22562.3.13.194_0_0
16-06-2010 23:54:05 SETI@home Beta Test Finished upload of 23mr10aa.6549.22562.3.13.194_0_0
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home You used the wrong URL for this project
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home The correct URL is
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home You seem to be attached to this project twice
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home We suggest that you detach projects named SETI@home,
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home then reattach to
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home Already attached to a project named SETI@home (possibly with wrong URL)
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home Consider detaching this project, then trying again
16-06-2010 23:54:06 SETI@home Message from server: Invalid or missing account key. To fix, detach and reattach to this project.

It seems the change occured after the last upload.

Has anybody else seen this?
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Message 1004883 - Posted: 16 Jun 2010, 22:45:16 UTC - in response to Message 1004878.  

Yes Ruud, it has been noticed and duly reported to the powers that be!

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