Why doesn't the Screen Saver Work??? (hints inside)

Questions and Answers : Windows : Why doesn't the Screen Saver Work??? (hints inside)
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Message 1001844 - Posted: 8 Jun 2010, 14:47:16 UTC

If you are like the thousands who like to watch the screen saver and can't seem to get it working don't fret. I have come up with a few good ideas that you can use to get it to work.

Now this may sound silly but are you running the most current BOINC? If you are not, download the most current one, uninstall BOINC, (don't worry the settings won't be deleted) RESTART your computer and install BOINC.

Go to Windows Update, and see if there are any updates. Sometimes you might have to go to the Video Card Manufactures website to get the update for your video card.

In C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOINC
(if you have used the default install) look for a file called stderrgfx.txt. Open it and see if there is any error messages in it. If you don't understand anything that is in there, post it on the help forum and we'll try to help you out.

Remember if you are getting frustrated, just walk away from the computer for a bit.

If you still need help, don't drop the project out of frustration. Post your concerns up here on the forum

Hope this little writeup has helped you out. ;)

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Message 1002136 - Posted: 9 Jun 2010, 15:09:21 UTC - in response to Message 1001844.  
Last modified: 9 Jun 2010, 15:24:59 UTC

1) I never bother to "uninstall BOINC, RESTART your computer and install BOINC" -
You only need to exit the running BOINC and install the "new" (on top of the previous).
("new" in quotation marks because this way you can even install older version of BOINC if you want to go back)

2) The directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOINC
is only valid for Win XP - it is different in Win 98, Vista, Win 7

3) There is no file with name stderrgfx.txt in BOINC data directory;
there are stderrdae.txt & stderrgui.txt

4) Diagnosing why the BOINC screen saver hangs or can't start or can't exit
is difficult even for experienced users.

- ALF - "Find out what you don't do well ..... then don't do it!" :)
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Why doesn't the Screen Saver Work??? (hints inside)

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