My User info on the graphics isn't matching my info now

Questions and Answers : Getting started : My User info on the graphics isn't matching my info now

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Message 991393 - Posted: 23 Apr 2010, 15:18:51 UTC

Hi, I used to have an account here a long time ago. Then we got a new computer and I had to download Seti again back in 2008. We had dial up then, and we started having massive problems with our phone lines and Seti wasn’t working well plus, I couldn't tie up the phone line too frequently by using Seti. We moved, and got broadband on our computer. I went searching for Seti in my programs. There was a BOINC link, but when I tried using it, it wouldn't work. So, I downloaded the program again and made a new user name. When I run SETI now, my 13 year old daughter likes to run the graphics for a bit and look at the graphics, she's fascinated by the information. But I noticed on the graphics that my user information is my old Seti name, not my new one, and I can’t log into the old one because I don't remember the email address I used for that one...I've closed down several email boxes since I registered that username. Is there any way I can get this work that is being done transferred over to my new account? I tried searching the user accounts, but there are way too many to find my old one! Thanks

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Message 991397 - Posted: 23 Apr 2010, 15:35:09 UTC

You may still be able to access your old account since the screen saver is showing that information.

Nagivate to C:\Program Data\BOINC and open the file

Copy the string between the <authenticator> </authenticator> tags.

Then head over to
At the bottom of that page, enter the string you copied above.

This should log you into your old account if the authenticator stored is for your old account. You can then view/change the email address and password (may have to do an email recovery)
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Message 991398 - Posted: 23 Apr 2010, 15:41:38 UTC - in response to Message 991393.  

You can't merge accounts, but since you have no credits on your new account (there are no computers attached), you could abandon it and reuse the old one.

Obviously BOINC has found the relevant data to connect to your old account on your computer. You can do likewise ;-)

Click on the ACCOUNT link on this page and change the email address to something else. It doesn't need to be a real address, just make it look like one. That's necessary, because the email address is a unique identifier and we need your real address for the other account.

Then log out. When you click again on ACCOUNT, you'll be asked to log in again. On the log-in page, click the "forgot email address" link and follow the instructions to find the authenticator.

After using it to log into your old (but active) account, you can change all relevant data (user name, email address).

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Questions and Answers : Getting started : My User info on the graphics isn't matching my info now

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