Whats wrong with the d#$@ system now?

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Message 979203 - Posted: 15 Mar 2010, 23:37:42 UTC

For the last 5 days I'm having nothing but trouble uploading results and downloading new blocks......in fact, I've been having this kind of trouble for the last 2-3 years.

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Message 979289 - Posted: 16 Mar 2010, 3:03:31 UTC - in response to Message 979203.  

There seems to be some server problems since everyone is in the same boat. The problems have been intermittent for the past few years (I've been with the project since 2002), but has gotten worse only recently.

Speculation is that every since the AC started acting up, some hardware may have fried in the hot server closet. Since SETI runs on a shoestring budget, I'm not sure when they'll get the hardware replaced. Hopefully soon.
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Whats wrong with the d#$@ system now?

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