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El Geezero
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Message 967849 - Posted: 3 Feb 2010, 15:56:06 UTC

The last few times I've tried to access the BOINC site, I've received these pop-ups. What is this all about and how do I get it fixed? I cannot access the site. El Geezero

"Application has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process id=0x1660 (5728. Click OK to terminate the application. Click CANCEL to debug the application."

Then when CANCEL is clicked, another msg pops up saying:

"Registered JIT debugger is not available. An attempt to launch a JIT debugger with the following command resulted in an error code of 0x2 (2). Please check computer settings. cordbg.exe !a 0x7ec"
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Message 967861 - Posted: 3 Feb 2010, 17:17:28 UTC - in response to Message 967849.  

You may want to seek assistance from the developer of the application here.
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Questions and Answers : Web site : SETI@BOINCWatch.exe exception debugging msg.

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