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Message 964439 - Posted: 18 Jan 2010, 20:42:47 UTC

Hi @all, I'm studyng digital signal processing at college. Studyng DTFT, DFT, FFT i remembered that i've seen that worlds in old seti@home program in 2001-2002 and now i see and understand what the graph in seti@home wants to say. But not @all. I've tryed to download source of seti@home boinc client, i know c/c++ but i'm a simple student and I'm lost in a lot of source file, and i don't want to code but only understand better what program does. On site there is not documentation for code or for the aim of the code. Ok it computes fft for searching repetitive signals or carrier and distinguishes it form Additive White Gaussian Noise.But the rest? What is "Best gaussian power"? Doppler drift rate? Why doesn't use an autocorrelation? I think is better in capting repetitive signals! What about frequency resolution? In sampled signal i know max frequency sapmled is 3.14 in radians/samples, so sampled @ what sampling frequency? How many sample is long fft? so we have a frequency resolutions of max_freq/ Nsamples. What i have to (re)studyto understand? I don't want to make problems, i'm only courious, so if you have time please respond to me, but i'll understand if ihave no replys :) Possibily first of my exam in dsp 22/01/2010 :):))))

Good evening!

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Message 964565 - Posted: 19 Jan 2010, 5:15:25 UTC - in response to Message 964439.

I hope you are not confusing BOINC and SETI@Home :
BOINC does not do scientific computations (you will not find FFT in its source);
SETI@Home application does.

You may find this links informative:


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Questions and Answers : Web site : Digital SIgnal Processing

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