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Questions and Answers : Windows : Temporarily failed upload

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Message 2629 - Posted: 29 Jun 2004, 13:11:25 UTC

Hi! I have install the last BOINC version yesterday and everything went well except for uploading. I've been trying to upload 100% completed WU since last night but it always says "temporarily failed upload"
or "error on file upload : can't open file...."
Same thing when trying to force upload manualy
(right click - retry now).

I am new to BOINC (old classic) and I wounder if there is something wrong on my side or is it just the BOINC server went down.

I am not behind proxy. Using XP


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Message 2638 - Posted: 29 Jun 2004, 13:27:51 UTC
Last modified: 20 Jul 2004, 13:35:39 UTC

Please use the sort "Most recent answer first" to read first the latest questions and answers before posting a question that came up already.

There are already some 8 questions asking the same over and over again together with the answer on that question.

Greetings from Belgium.

Questions and Answers : Windows : Temporarily failed upload

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