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Message 957424 - Posted: 19 Dec 2009, 18:16:53 UTC

here in Italy is 15 past 7 pm.

I'd like to know if anibody knows about run SETI softare on unslung hardware with unix like software.

I have two of those running bittorrent, and I like to even run BOINC.

Could You help me some how ?
Best regards
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Message 957433 - Posted: 19 Dec 2009, 19:57:23 UTC

I think, that the 133/266 MHz ARM XScale CPU is to slow and the 32 MB memory is not enouht to ran SETI.
Am I right, that the NSLU2 is fanless ? - I think it is a big risk for the device, because the higher CPU util results in more heat. - Not shure, if CPU throtteling will gave any benefit to prevent overheating, but with a slow CPU and CPU throtteling you have to pay attention to met the deadline.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : SETI Software with UNSLUNG

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