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Message 955043 - Posted: 15 Dec 2009, 22:55:43 UTC

You KNOW that Gamers tend to have the most UB3R rigs / networks. That being said, it seems that they would be a perfect set of computer users to help search the stars for life. If you have not joined a group yet, please consider joining this one. I have quite a few top notch PC's running SETA@HOME crunches throughout the day, and although I seem to be making a ton of points on my own, I would really like to see others join the group so that our effort can be much greater.

I have a gamer community type site found here : - You can post about your projects, link all your social and communication program information in one place with a direct URL to your page, and all that good stuff. But feel free to stop on by and ask any questions in the forums about this group that you might have. We are looking for anyone that has even a single PC to run a few SETI jobs a day, and if you have more than one PC, the better! I am even thinking about working the KARMA system in website to give karma boosts to users that help with the SETI project.

Also, think about this, if/when we do find alien life, imagine the types of V.R. computer alien tech we might be able to get from it? I mean, it is up to every gamer to help look, just for that alone. And don't forget about the flying cars and stuff we could get so, come on, get those projects running :)
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