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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : ATI Radeon Problem

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Message 946195 - Posted: 9 Nov 2009, 20:47:23 UTC

I just checked the website and noticed a new Boinc version that will supposedly use ATI graphic adapters now. I downloaded it and I am getting these messages and no graphics jobs.

Any input or information for getting the ATI GPU to process data?


11/9/2009 12:41:16 PM ATI GPU 0: ATI Radeon HD 2300/2400/3200 (RV610) (CAL version 1.4.427, 256MB, 52 GFLOPS peak)
11/9/2009 12:41:47 PM SETI@home Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks
11/9/2009 12:41:47 PM SETI@home Message from server: No work sent
11/9/2009 12:41:47 PM SETI@home Message from server: Your computer has no NVIDIA GPU


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Message 946201 - Posted: 9 Nov 2009, 21:04:45 UTC
Last modified: 9 Nov 2009, 21:07:32 UTC

You will need to install the lunatics optimized app in order to do seti work on your ATI card. At the moment only Astropulse is optimized for ATI cards and there aren't many work units for AP.

*edit* read this thread in the number crunching forum: *edit*

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Message 946205 - Posted: 9 Nov 2009, 21:13:27 UTC
Last modified: 9 Nov 2009, 21:16:59 UTC

Be aware that there are very few Astropulse out there now. and the 1 reported result showed a modest reduction (2-3hours) compared to not using the GPU.

I would bevery careful with your ATI card. its a bit old and may get killed just trying to run the seti AP WU's. IF you'd like to test it out try running Collatz@home on your GPU. I had an old 2600XT that took 2 hours to complete a Collatz WU. before it glitched and died. My new HD 4770 was doing the same WU's in 12-13 minutes.

That being said I wouldn't expect a whole lot out of that GPU.
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Questions and Answers : GPU applications : ATI Radeon Problem

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