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Message 945135 - Posted: 4 Nov 2009, 23:28:41 UTC

Our internal file server ptolemy crashed again early this morning and Eric had it rebooted by the time I got in. This is getting to be more than a minor concern. We're going to start collecting kernel crash dumps so we can at least get a clue what's wrong if this happens again.

Informix tweaking continues. Some page corruption did get uncovered during the last science database backup, probably due to the RAID hiccup last week. Not a big deal, but that's just another thing on the list of "maybe that's the problem" when trying to get the database to do anything outside of the usual splitting/assimilating.

Meanwhile, version 2 of the raw data pipeline is getting more and more automated - you'll should see a few more files appear on the to-split queue throughout the evening without any intervention from me.

- Matt

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Message 945167 - Posted: 5 Nov 2009, 1:48:36 UTC

Thanks for the update Matt!

Its appreciated.


Message boards : Technical News : Tweak (Nov 04 2009)

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