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Questions and Answers : Wish list : PORTABLE APP

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Message 943288 - Posted: 28 Oct 2009, 5:43:53 UTC

PORTABLE APPS: --Time to think about portability..

I would like to see your SETI client available in the format that it could save your personal settings onto a thumb drive flash card etc, and take it with you to high speed computing platforms high speed internet networks at home, this could increase the research performed.

I have several pc's and think that having the data on a usb card drive would be useful in the fact that whichever pc I am using it could transfer my data to and from each pc, but not install itself into that pc. Thus anyone could remove the drive and stop the program. But would make it much easier to port the data offsite or to other pc's, I would also like the mini screensaver view to be available within the drive.

Please develop this, I think someone should of considered this long ago...

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Message 943300 - Posted: 28 Oct 2009, 8:00:00 UTC - in response to Message 943288.

Allowing BOINC and the science applications to run from any computer you plug a USB stick in, isn't very secure. It also goes against the first rule.

From http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/info.php:

Run SETI@home only on authorized computers

Run SETI@home only on computers that you own, or for which you have obtained the owner's permission. Some companies and schools have policies that prohibit using their computers for projects such as SETI@home.

Work downloaded to one computer is registered against that one computer. Only that computer, or a similar one (the same in hardware, CPU, GPU and OS used) can upload and report the work done. This is done primarily for security reasons.

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : PORTABLE APP

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