Cuda in boot camp on Mac?

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Message 938469 - Posted: 8 Oct 2009, 23:06:33 UTC

I managed to get Win7 RC working earlier this summer in Boot Camp - mainly to see what was coming, but since I had it running - I also played a few games that buried my older XP systems. I was very pleased to say the least.

I did not try BOINC tho, would the 8800 in my imac work with CUDA under Boot Camp?

Anyone else doing this or tried this - ? Doesn't have to be iMac - Mac Pro with Nvidia 285, nvidia based MacBook Pro?
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Message 938564 - Posted: 9 Oct 2009, 7:42:04 UTC - in response to Message 938469.  

Any of them should work, as long as you install the correct CUDA libraries and the updated Nvidia drivers.

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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Cuda in boot camp on Mac?

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