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Message 934376 - Posted: 18 Sep 2009, 21:31:36 UTC
Last modified: 18 Sep 2009, 21:41:32 UTC

I have been with SETI@HOME for a while now. Took a break for a while. I have been getting a lot of "no work avail." lately and have been reading that waiting on hard drives from aricibo. recently I started checking my stats and started looking at the other comps working the same wu's. I have noticed that some of the peers have multiple hundreds even a few thousand wus waiting to be run. once or twice I've had to wait on credits for almost 2 months cause someone had to many wus to process and timed out so they had to send out that wu again.
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Message 934379 - Posted: 18 Sep 2009, 21:44:13 UTC - in response to Message 934376.

Many will agree with you. Unfortunately, unless BOINC changes their user-settable cache settings, many users are quite selfish and insist on setting their caches to 10 days so as to ensure they have work through outages. The ones with thousands of workunits are typically machines with the new CUDA capabilities (crunching on an nVidia GPU). Even if they set their caches low, CUDA plows through most workunits in under 12 minutes.

The other problem with people setting their caches so high is that the BOINC client software attempts to keep "topping off" their cache, so they pound the servers constantly, which adds extra load to the SETI servers.

One suggestion was to change the cache setting to something more reasonable and non-user settable based upon your CPU/GPU speed, average turn-around time, and resource share setting. I do not know if it will happen though, most likely not.

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Message 934383 - Posted: 18 Sep 2009, 21:55:24 UTC

and as long as there isnt any massive increase in the return of unfinished WU's its unlikely that Seti will change the max cache settings
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Message 934390 - Posted: 18 Sep 2009, 22:32:00 UTC

The cache setting should reflect the time that the computer is not connected to the internet as not all computers are connected all of the time that they are on.


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