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Fabrizio F.

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Message 925458 - Posted: 12 Aug 2009, 1:09:29 UTC

Hello everybody,
i'm just new in the seti project and i would like to discuss with you about these results on my actual WU (67% complete). I have 9 triplets here from score 12.581 to 13.083 near Canis Minor at 1.41977 Ghz . One Pulse score 1.006 returned one spike 24.00 power returned and a gaussian score 2.986 (not yet returned).

Should this datas be interesting to do a re-scanning of this area? Is there in Seti site a top 10/20/100 rank of spikes,triplets,gaussian just to have some good example on how should be a candidate signal or just something to rank an individual work?

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Profile Johnney Guinness
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Message 925488 - Posted: 12 Aug 2009, 4:04:13 UTC - in response to Message 925458.  
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Hi justitia,
Good to have you with us!

You can view the SETI@home Science Status page; . The scientists are still working on that page so its still not working properly. But in the next few weeks, they hope to have that page working properly with lots of results!

Don't get too excited about any single work unit as the results end up in a very large database where the scientists can see the best signals to follow up! There is a lot of radio noise coming from space, so you can expect to see unusual things, its normal.

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Message 925640 - Posted: 12 Aug 2009, 19:42:11 UTC

Hi Justitia!

Countless triplets have been discovered so far, before I used optimised apps(you lose the screensaver) I used to plot my triplets in google sky, after just 3 months I had three hits all around just one star in a tight group. This could still be interferance though. I wish I was still plotting them but crunching madness took over! Welcome to the boards@Seti hope you have lots of fun crunching with us!


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