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Message 917734 - Posted: 15 Jul 2009, 1:45:54 UTC

I just found one issue. There is no picture for Taiwan. By open a new web page with and show 404. Can you fix it or I can upload it for you.

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Message 917808 - Posted: 15 Jul 2009, 5:04:34 UTC
Last modified: 15 Jul 2009, 5:07:48 UTC

The Taiwan flag is there. Click the URL below to see.

I notice that you only get the Alt text because it is looking for the file ty.png I think someone has made an error in the forum coding. Any SETI@home web site developers reading this post. The URL above is the correct URL to point to for the Taiwan Flag.

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Message 917953 - Posted: 15 Jul 2009, 11:41:31 UTC

Forwarded to development.


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Questions and Answers : Web site : No picture for Taiwan

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