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Message 909095 - Posted: 19 Jun 2009, 10:04:43 UTC

Just curious whats happening with my project preferences.

I turned off (unticked) the following in my preferences.
SETI@home Enhanced
Astropulse v5

This allows me only to run GPU units. Which was working fine for the last few weeks.

Yet twice in the last couple of weeks (most recently in the last 24 hours) they are all turned back on again?

Today Ive gotten work units again from these settings and I log in to check preferences and they are all back on...

I know theres a CPU and GPU option Ive set this as required and turned off the other projects again.

Why does my preferences keep being reset? Do I have to keep changing these off every few weeks?

My CPU is used for other projects and GPU for those that can support it and I dont want to have to keep resetting these preferences everytime I find a work unit from these settings.

Is it something Im doing, the project or is it a bug?
Cheers for any help.
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Message 909104 - Posted: 19 Jun 2009, 10:33:41 UTC - in response to Message 909095.  

I don't know what the reason is, but I've recently read on other fora too about preferences being changed without user intervention.

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