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Message 902484 - Posted: 1 Jun 2009, 14:20:28 UTC

Hello everybody! Sorry my english is not so good. I've got a problem. Why does seti@home stops every time i leave my pc? in the message board I can read: "suspending computation - no recent user activity." This is also shown in the screensaver - suspending computation. I want to work seti@home all the time - even when i'm not at my pc! thanks

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Message 902507 - Posted: 1 Jun 2009, 16:05:27 UTC - in response to Message 902484.  

Go to Seti computing preferences and make sure that "Suspend work if no mouse/keyboard activity in last xx minutes" is set to 0.0 or "---"

If it shows anything else, that means that after that time has passed BOINC will stop all work in progress and be ready for hibernation mode.

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Why stops seti@home?

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