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Message 901454 - Posted: 30 May 2009, 8:02:19 UTC
Last modified: 30 May 2009, 8:15:23 UTC

For my knowledge it's unfair to combine two separeted projects in one credit counter.

SETI@home Enhanced search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Astropulse additional extraterrestrial intelligence..? I think it's more primary to rapidly rotating pulsars, exploding primordial black holes, or as-yet unknown astrophysical phenomena.

And, if I would crunch Astropulse with opt. app I would get a double RAC than with opt. SETI@home Enhanced.

Current they want all Astropulse tasks, because better.. much better Credits/h.

I think now it's time to think about twice/2nd time and change something.

Two separated counter.
Better payment for SETI@home Enhanced.

Yes, you could say now.. if you would compare stock apps.. all would be fine.
BUT, who is using stock apps?

ONLY new members and if they looked in the NC forum.. they have opt. apps.

Because nobody answered to my other two 'wish' threads..
This forum is readed from the Berkeley crew?

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Message 901467 - Posted: 30 May 2009, 9:05:19 UTC
Last modified: 30 May 2009, 9:16:50 UTC

Same project, two different approach. Seti enhanced is narrow band and Astropulse is wide band. There is only a small chance of Astropulse finding a new types of astronomical phenomena, but it is a byproduct that is a selling point when trying to get grants.

The Astropulse application has been in the works for years. Lack of manpower/funding to develop it and the need for more powerful home computers for processing delayed it.

There is no need for two separate credit system, its the same project. Any disparity between granted credits will be adjusted over time. Credits are issued based on the work done not the speed it is done. An old Pentium system gets the same credit/WU as the fastest CPU using an opt. app.

Third party optimized apps are not officially sanctioned, they are only accepted/tolerated as long as they aren't a detriment to the project. They may be very visible in the forums, but only a very small minority of users run opt. apps so their overall impact on the project is minimal.

Don't expect any answers from the project devs they may give a quick read of some of it but they rarely comment on suggestions.

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Message 901525 - Posted: 30 May 2009, 15:27:02 UTC

AB is right: they are the same project, looking for the same thing using two different applications to do so.

Regardless of who's using optimized apps, the project only "officially" recognizes their stock app, and adjusts the credits accordingly. The optimized apps don't really claim more credit, they simply allow more work to be done, granting more credit per hour of work on average.

Eric has already admitted to AstroPulse "paying" more credit for the work being done, so if anything, AP's credit needs to be adjusted downward; not SETI's upward.
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Message 901529 - Posted: 30 May 2009, 15:38:09 UTC - in response to Message 901525.  

Just in case you haven't noticed, this downward movement has already started. For awhile I was claiming 1267.xx credits now the last ones I've done have claimed ~1237.xx. Wonder how low it will go? I'm not complaining, I just take what they give me as long as my work is being validated it's all good.

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : separated counter for S@h Enhanced and Astropulse

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