What project to choose on my GPU ?

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : What project to choose on my GPU ?

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Message 885753 - Posted: 16 Apr 2009, 7:13:54 UTC

I have a 9800gtx card and as i understand u can fold on it like folding@home but which project has the gpu support? i chosoe the default seti but that seems to work on my cpu only..

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Message 885756 - Posted: 16 Apr 2009, 7:29:19 UTC - in response to Message 885753.

At this moment, projects with CUDA support are:

Seti@Home Beta

With soon to come: Milkyway@Home.

If you can't do CUDA here at Seti, you must have set something up wrong, not be using the correct drivers or not be using the correct BOINC version.

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Message 885808 - Posted: 16 Apr 2009, 15:41:31 UTC

He now has some results coming from the CUDA card. apparently the problem is no more
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : What project to choose on my GPU ?

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