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Message 33928 - Posted: 8 Oct 2004, 1:44:12 UTC

My cross project ID is the same in SETI@Home and Climate Prediction, however the cross project ID in LHC@Home is different.

I don't this is right.

It's my understanding that the cross project ID should be the same for all BOINC projects I participate in.

Am I correct? How can I update my CPI in LHC@Home?

I think it is because I used a different email addresses in each project, but I have now updated them to all the same email. Will it just take a few weeks to update?

My user same is the same in all 3 projects.

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Message 34038 - Posted: 8 Oct 2004, 10:05:16 UTC

It works on the email address which should be in all lowercase letters. It does take a few connections to get it propagated to all the projects, at least 2 per project. There must also be a path to the project ie. if project 'b' has the 'wrong' ID it must be attached on a computer that is also is attached to project 'a' with the 'right' ID.

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Wrong/Different Cross Project ID?

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