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Message 881611 - Posted: 2 Apr 2009, 9:52:18 UTC

An invitation to all crunchers
You’re invited to join Cruncher Junkies. We are a young international team based in Australia, come visit us HERE, and we are also on IRC chat, nearly 24/7 at irc://dalnet/cruncher-junkies ...
Drop in for a chat find out what our team projects are, but most of all have fun enjoy yourself, crunch for the fun and in the process help science.

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Message 885211 - Posted: 14 Apr 2009, 2:24:07 UTC
Last modified: 14 Apr 2009, 2:24:17 UTC

To join Cruncher Junkies please click image

Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : CRUNCHER-JUNKIES

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