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Message 874044 - Posted: 9 Mar 2009, 14:10:36 UTC
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We are currently seeking new members who would like to participate in an active, friendly, and knowledgeable BOINC community. Come see for yourself why we are one of the fastest rising teams on BOINC.

  • BOINCstats Website where you can find access to daily statistics, project status, and track your BOINC progress on a clear, clean, customizable, and concise website open to the entire community.

  • BAM! The BOINC Account Manager is a free tool open to the entire BOINC community which allows you to manage all of your BOINC connected hosts, and BOINC projects simply and effectively through a single, straightforward web based interface.

  • The BOINCstats Forums are filled with helpful information, troubleshooting guides, and updates about BOINC projects, as well as the latest news in technology, and places to chat about whatever is on your mind. BOINCstats team members may also participate in the extremely active members only sections of the forums which include hardware and software support, active chat about projects, new technology, crunching challenges, favorite projects, and even a bit of humor.

2008 was a period of tremendous growth for our team, and we are already continuing that trend strong into 2009. If you are looking for a team that is friendly with responsive forums and great teamwork, than please consider supporting our effort. We are regular participants in the SIMAP scrambles each month, as well as the PrimeGrid challenge series. We also collaborate to turn out in large numbers for most other challenges, and welcome all members whether they are contributing 1 CPU or 1000.

Click Here to Get Started
Click Here to Join if you already have a BAM! account

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