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Message 866911 - Posted: 18 Feb 2009, 23:39:35 UTC

Still having ups and downs with the raw data storage. Possibly a second disk failure. We'll get to the bottom of it soon enough. Traffic may be a bit rocky at times, but hopefully not so much. We also just noticed a drive failed on our upload backup storage. That RAID pulled in a spare without anybody realizing what happened until Jeff and I saw the little orange light in the closet today. We really need better monitoring tools. Actually, we have the tools - we just need time to implement them. Still, it's not a super-critical logical drive (it contains backup data from a separate RAID device) so we're not panicked trying to procure a new spare... yet.

I wish I had more positive things to report today. This details I'm failing to mention out aren't all that fun either. Not my day today, I guess.

- Matt

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Message 866921 - Posted: 18 Feb 2009, 23:56:48 UTC

You guys are doing a great job and everyone of us crunchers is greatly appreciative of that.

Thank you for the update and hope things smooth out for you before the weekend.

Message boards : Technical News : Gilmore (Feb 18 2009)

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