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Message 858277 - Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 22:19:43 UTC

New member, just setting preferences.

How do I decide which drive to use? I have the PC's internal drive (C:) and an external one (E:); the internal one is pretty full, which is why I have the external drive. I am invited to allocate up to 100gb, which I have but only on the external drive.

Grateful for any advice.

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Message 858320 - Posted: 27 Jan 2009, 0:16:19 UTC

How much BOINC will actually use depends on the projects you are attached to.

If you use only S@H, you will be hard pressed to use more than 50MB. CPDN will push that up to a couple of GB. It will be almost impossible to push the requirements past 10Gb no matter what you do with the current crop of projects.

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Message 858323 - Posted: 27 Jan 2009, 0:23:14 UTC - in response to Message 858277.  

OK, to actually answer you question...

I believe it would work like this.

Uninstall Boinc/S@H

Reinstall it and when it installs specify the path installed to be on the drive letter of your external drive (E:\) instead of your C:\

Hope that helps.
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