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Message 850627 - Posted: 7 Jan 2009, 23:56:34 UTC

Now it's Wednesday, which usually means my focus should shift towards programming tasks. This actually hasn't happened in a while due to holiday schedules and other crises, but the radar blanking code really needs to be hammered into shape already. See the plans page for more info on that. Lots of mental paging-in of C++ programming trickery.

But this morning I was still busy with a bunch of things on my systems task list. Our informix replica server bambi was having fits with exporting/mounting so I had to go through the rigamarole of rebooting the system - which always seems to be the fastest way to fix things when things go awry. I also plugged away moving tons of data around our internal network for eventual filesystem rebuilding, tending to the raw data pipeline, etc. - the stuff I've been talking about for a while.

I've been using an old "Solaris 8" software box (coupled with the shell of a long-defunct external SCSI hard drive enclosure) as a stand for my desktop monitor, unaware how over the years the box has been slowly morphing out of square and sinking towards the left thus slanting the screen more and more. That might explain the crick in my neck I've had the past six months. This unergonomic situation was finally pointed out today by fellow SSL sysadmin Robert. Anywho, I now have the monitor sitting onto my shuttle enclosure, and even though it's perfectly level it seems it's slanting to the right. Talk about accommodation - my brain really got used to the old lean.

- Matt

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Message 850647 - Posted: 8 Jan 2009, 1:05:33 UTC

. . . Accolades to Each of You @ Berkeley - Matt, Thanks again for the Update Sir

BOINC Wiki . . .

Science Status Page . . .

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Message 850665 - Posted: 8 Jan 2009, 1:53:34 UTC

Hope you get things 'straightened-out' soon Matt!

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Message 850720 - Posted: 8 Jan 2009, 3:56:46 UTC

The real question is, what happens when buddy runs out of sardonic song titles (and/or weird deep sea creatures) for thread titles.. .
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Message 850988 - Posted: 8 Jan 2009, 22:02:06 UTC - in response to Message 850720.

The real question is, what happens when buddy runs out of sardonic song titles...

We then get to hear a new slant on things?... :-p

More seriously, ergonomics and maintaining comfort is important.


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