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Message 840352 - Posted: 16 Dec 2008, 0:10:30 UTC

Happy Monday, one and all.

So let's see... things are progressing in a general positive direction. Our conversion from multi- to single-dimensional indexes on the result table in the BOINC/mysql database seems to have been a success, though I'm still not sure if it's helping all that much just yet. In any case, we may continue doing the same on other tables. We might get the whole database, indexes and all, fitting entirely in memory. We don't need to (we're doing just fine with whatever level of paging is currently happening), but it'd still be nice. In any case, at least we proved that we don't need to create extra unwieldy multi-dimensional indexes to do specific merges - mysql 5.x and up will figure out how to the merges on its own.

Jeff and I plan to do some big steps towards moving things in and out of the server closet tomorrow. I'll try real hard to remember to bring a camera. If all goes well we'll at least have (a) more free rack space, (b) more available power, and (c) more workunit storage on-line (one less bottleneck to worry about!).

Thanks to those who've been beta tested the cuda version of the SETI@home client. Sorry if I confused people by vaguely mentioning this in my last missive. Once this is formally released I'm sure we're going to exercise new and old bottlenecks, but it will be a huge step in the world of volunteer computing. We may run out of work more often. Depending on your perspective this may be seen as a "good problem."

And we did finally get the donation mass e-mail rolling out late last week. I really appreciate the generosity of the SETI@home community, especially in these dark economic times.

- Matt

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Message 840420 - Posted: 16 Dec 2008, 4:39:40 UTC

. . . Thanks to Each of You @ Berkeley - Nice work All

< Thanks for the Post Update Matt - Much Appreciated Sir!

ps - got the 'Donation' Mail from Dan . . . shall act on it beginning of the Month

~ Sea ~

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Message 840423 - Posted: 16 Dec 2008, 4:54:05 UTC

1.) what is the time frame on the cuda getting out of beta
2.) what is the point of Adaptive Replication in beta

if you can give some light on this that would be nice

also from 12 Dec 2008 18:03:17 UTC to now i have done 389 wu
128 fail
1 aborted
14 in q

so 246 wu's done right or 13,839.54 Pending credit and 14 Total credit
this was done on one 260gtx 196 core gpgpu

John G
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Message 840517 - Posted: 16 Dec 2008, 9:40:52 UTC


Getting a http 500 error when logging into my account with seti.I have no problem getting to my account from a machine that has been logged in for the last couple of weeks,hence me being able to send this message.


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Message 840586 - Posted: 16 Dec 2008, 14:59:54 UTC

Thanks for all the hard work.

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Message 840754 - Posted: 17 Dec 2008, 5:18:50 UTC - in response to Message 840517.

Getting a http 500 error when logging into my account with seti.

I had problems yesterday at both Main and Beta for some reason; Firefox would stick at \login.php (showing 'Done' at the bottom of the screen), while IE was the one telling me it was a 500 error. It's fixed now- for me, at least.

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