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Message 780317 - Posted: 7 Jul 2008, 18:00:20 UTC

For some reason, one of my two SETI pc's has suddenly stopped downloading new work. I've changed nothing about it's configuration and it was working fine. I'm seeing no errors or explanations as to why the client has stopped trying to download new work. At first I thought it was a server issue like sometimes happens, but, in the past, when there are server issues, my client will still try to download new work and then let me know it failed due to a server issue, whatever it was.

Anyone have any idea why only one of my pc's has stopped downloading new work?

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Message 780337 - Posted: 7 Jul 2008, 19:10:09 UTC

Is your PC trying to work on Einstein units right now? Perhaps there's a debt issue and your PC owes time to Einstein@Home.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Not downloading new work, no errors

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