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Message 761199 - Posted: 31 May 2008, 7:26:08 UTC

Has anyone been following the research done in this area, specifically in connection with Cumbre Vieja in the Canaries, as well as island collapse in the Hawaiian islands?

It seems that Cumbre Vieja is sliding into the ocean, which would in turn set off a tsunami that would hit the east coast of the US. Depending on which geologist you listen to, the waves could be as high as 50 meters.

It would seem that such events have happened in the past, as evidenced by a 20 ton chunk of coral that was somehow washed up on an island in the Bahamas.

As for the Hawaiian Islands, it seems that periodically, part of an island will collapse and slide into the ocean. At present there is a large rift indicating that such an event is going to happen in the future along the eastern edge of the island of Hawaii.

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