question on what is and what is not an "ad"

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Donato Diorio

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Message 705714 - Posted: 30 Jan 2008, 3:33:02 UTC

I don't want to break the rules of this forum, so I'll ask the forum.

I would like to create a campaign where my company gives away free software if someone installs and uses seti on their computer

We have a high impact utility that is used by sales reps to capture contact information and puts it into CRM's. (it's actually called "Contact Capture" apropos, just not for extraterrestrials)

We would have to integrate into the SETI installer

If someone continues to use the screen saver, the software keeps working. Instead of shareware, or Freeware, call it... process-ware? Maybe it needs a better name, but I'm willing to throw my companies name in that hat for a good cause. There is too much crap software out there that takes, why not give back?

Any help or comments on this initiative would be appreciated


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Profile Ageless

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Message 705787 - Posted: 30 Jan 2008, 9:22:11 UTC

The problem with that is that both BOINC and Seti are Open Source, so whatever you do to the software, you're bound by the General Public License.

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Questions and Answers : Wish list : question on what is and what is not an "ad"

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