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Message 28002 - Posted: 19 Sep 2004, 11:48:39 UTC

I am running Seti@Boinc on an older laptop Compaq Intel Mobile 233 64meg (I know small machine). The issue is this; When it starts working on a WU it goes along very fast, then it starts moving slower. Yesterday I downloaded a new WU and it took about 1.5 hours to get to 51%. In the 17 hours since then it has only progressed 20%. By the time I get done with a work unit it has taken abouit 60 hours. I have even tried re-booting to see if this helps, nothing. Keep in mind that this happens on EVERY work unit.

Any ideas why crunching is so fast then gets progessively slower?

Thank you.
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Message 28005 - Posted: 19 Sep 2004, 11:52:18 UTC

I don't know why this happens. My AMD athlonXP took a WU to 60% in 3 minutes then slowed down to taking the full, normal 6 hours.
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Message 28010 - Posted: 19 Sep 2004, 12:07:37 UTC


This is a calculation error in seti client.
It will be fixed later, because its an cosmetic issue.

greetz Mike

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Message 28095 - Posted: 19 Sep 2004, 19:11:15 UTC

My understanding of the rumor control word is that part of what was done with 4.09 was intended to address this issue. Note, I did not ssay it fixed it, but it should be a little better with 4.09 (note: rumor control can get it wrong).

Just think of it as a gas gague in a car. None of them are linear. After you buy a car you have to drive it for awhile before you know if 1/4 tank is 1/4 of a tank or really 1/2 or 1/2204 left. You know the kind, when it hist 1/4 take you had better be pulling into the station for gas...
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Message 28482 - Posted: 20 Sep 2004, 22:13:19 UTC
Last modified: 20 Sep 2004, 22:13:56 UTC

Each loop through the seti app takes longer than the previous one. The frequency sensitivity increases each time. This is not really a bug just the way the program works.

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Message 28483 - Posted: 20 Sep 2004, 22:18:23 UTC - in response to Message 28482.  
Last modified: 20 Sep 2004, 22:19:11 UTC

The old SETI Client also had (depending on Angle Range) a similar behaviour.

e.g. on VLAR Workunits, I saw it zooming through the first ~8% at light speed, afterwards constant progress far below that.

On normal AR Workunits, first ~7.5% above average speed, ~7.5% to ~78% normal speed, and then accelerating again beyond ~78%.
(all observed on Win32 Clients)

Looking at the Graphics during the first ~60% should show exactly what it does, I reckon it's doing all the (very fast) Pulse/Triplet search, after that it switches to the (intensive and relatively slow) FFT calculations including the best Gaussian shaping.
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