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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Seti@Home not sending new work

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Message 700436 - Posted: 16 Jan 2008, 10:09:21 UTC

Hiya all. For some reason Seti won't send me new work as I don't have enough disc space allocated, which is not true (actually there's over 8GB ready and waiting) so anyone got any ideas as to what's up?

The program now sat "idle" and won't download new tasks...

Any ideas anyone?

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Message 700489 - Posted: 16 Jan 2008, 13:52:04 UTC

Please go to your general preferences and copy the part of Disk and memory usage, then post that here. Add as information: The size of your hard disk, how much you got free.

If undetermined, stop BOINC, restart it and copy the first 20 to 30 lines from the Messages tab and paste them here. The information will be in there as well.

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Seti@Home not sending new work

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