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Message 2032 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 18:37:12 UTC

I used S@H classic with about 150 (more or less) WUs done. Yesterday I changed to BOINC S@H and the website told me, that my credits are taken over to my new BOINC account. But my profile and my BOINC GUI says that i have 0.00 credits in S@h.
Is this correct?

PS: I still got no work units for S@h.
PPS: Sorry fpr my bad English, I'm from Germany.
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Message 2040 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 18:46:41 UTC

The crediting system of BOINC is completely different to that of SAH Classic. So the credits you took along to this new account are still there, but classed as the Classic Seti account data, that's visible in your account:

SETI@home classic workunits 142
SETI@home classic CPU time 1,577 hours

There could be a discrepancy in work units, since the snapshot of the server was taken on or around the 14th of May of this year and will only be 'straightened out' once SAH Classic is over.

So you just start off with 0,00 credits in the new SetiatHome, just like everybody else.

Have a read through the FAQ on how you get new credits and what the difference is between them and the SAH Classic credits.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : No credit from classic S@H?

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