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Message 697085 - Posted: 3 Jan 2008, 20:52:19 UTC

I've got a pile of PC's that run 24/7 that only get used by humans from 8AM to 5PM. I'd like to have the ability to throttle the number of CPU's used based on time of day.

On quads I'd like to be able to schedule 2 CPU's from 7AM thru 6PM, and on Duals only 1 CPU during the same time period. For all machines I'd like to schedule all processors for the remaining hours.

The provision is already there for only crunching during certain times of the day, but it's "All or Nothing." The provision is also already there for setting the number of processors to use.

Why not also have a way to combine the two thus giving people more scheduling flexibility. I want to be able to schedule "All or Something."
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : CPU preferences

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