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Vince D'Amelio

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Message 2026 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 18:28:46 UTC

I find that I can't seem to get enough work units to my system. I keep getting the following messages.

--- - 2004-06-25 11:24:46 - Fewer active results than CPUs; requesting more work
SETI@home - 2004-06-25 11:24:46 - Requesting 171826 seconds of work
SETI@home - 2004-06-25 11:24:46 - Sending request to scheduler:
SETI@home - 2004-06-25 11:24:53 - Scheduler RPC to succeeded
SETI@home - 2004-06-25 11:24:53 - Message from server: No work available
SETI@home - 2004-06-25 11:24:53 - No work from project
SETI@home - 2004-06-25 11:24:53 - Deferring communication with project for 16 minutes and 3 seconds
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Profile Ageless
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Message 2034 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 18:39:21 UTC

Have patience. The servers are still overwhelmed. Take a look around in the other threads with the same title. There are enough of them.

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Message 2036 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 18:42:46 UTC

Yes, if you look at the other messages on the board, everyone is experiencing the same problem. The Splitters and servers are just a bit overwhelmed at the moment. It is being worked on, and the project managers are working to divert more resources, as quickly as possible.

Please keep in mind that there are finite resources, and they must support Seti-Classic, Seti-BOINC and the alpha/beta test projects. They are working to reallocate resources as demand ramps up, but it is not an instant process.

You will eventually get work.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : No work available?

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