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Message 689325 - Posted: 6 Dec 2007, 19:04:38 UTC

Early tech news report today as we're going to have a power outage in about 4-5 hours. Yep. Everything is coming down. No web sites and no data servers until we power up Friday morning. That said, there's not much to report. Still waiting on final pieces to fall into place before I start sending out the mass donation e-mail. Slow steady progress on increasing space for workunit storage. Doing some actual programming again (mostly ramping up on Jeff/Eric's work on the nitpicker and data recorder code to deal with the radar blanking signal). Nothing terribly exciting - more of the same. Yeah... hopefully this will be the last lab-wide power outage to deal with those long-standing breaker problems.

Yesterday afternoon we did get permission to use another project's espresso machine down in the community kitchen. For a moment there we were thinking of adding such a device to our hardware donation wish list.

- Matt

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Message 689331 - Posted: 6 Dec 2007, 19:29:23 UTC - in response to Message 689325.  

Yesterday afternoon we did get permission to use another project's espresso machine down in the community kitchen. For a moment there we were thinking of adding such a device to our hardware donation wish list.

Thanks for all the updates. They're very much appreciated.
Hope everything powers back up tomorrow without incident.

Yes this reminds me of when I worked at an auto repair shop. We usually got turkeys/hams for Christmas. One year we got a very pleasant surprise. We had a simple coffee pot and we would all pitch in to purchase coffee, creamer, etc. The last work day before the Christmas vacation (when they usually passed out the turkey or ham for everybody) the secretary came to us and said that this year they weren't giving us a turkey or ham. Instead they were giving us a gift that would keep on giving all year long. She moved out of the way so we could see and there stood a couple people from a coffee service company with a brand new dual burner automatic coffee machine and cases of coffee, creamer, sugar, etc. and they said our company had subscribed to their service for the entire year! They dared us to drink enough coffee in any one week that we ran out of coffee with the promise that if we could, a simple phone call would bring another whole case within a few minutes!

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Message 689354 - Posted: 6 Dec 2007, 21:23:12 UTC

You two are soft. I remember long 24h shifts at SSRL drinking Nescafe (or some such) instant coffee, pretending that we weren't getting cancer and that our efforts were really advancing science-instead of our scientific egos). Never heard of espresso at the time (and probably couldn't have afforded it, either)
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Message 689371 - Posted: 6 Dec 2007, 22:52:12 UTC
Last modified: 6 Dec 2007, 22:55:35 UTC

Thanks for the Update Matt . . . Best of Luck to All of You @ Berkeley with the 'problems' - everything shall be ok i'm sure ;) enjoy your espresso's . . .

edit: 'Hyderomastgroningem' eh . . . smooth Sir!
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