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Message 26709 - Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 8:33:23 UTC
Last modified: 15 Sep 2004, 8:34:07 UTC

I'm currently running seti and cpdn on boinc 4.05, and the Seti client and Boinc software has three small bugs:

1. Works are done quite awile on the WU even though the progress is 100.00%

2. The status is ready to report even though Seti had already reported that WU.

3.why I dont get any credit!! I get credit for CPDN, and there is no reason I can't get any from Seti.

sining off,
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Message 26749 - Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 12:01:31 UTC

It could be the reason you don't get any credits is because you have no computers crunching!
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Also getting credits is a multi step process in Boinc. First your computers crunch the data. Then your computer sends back a preliminary report, then your computer sends in the primary report, then your computer requests credit for doing the work. Then 2 other computers go thru the same process for the exact same unit, then after all 3 returns are in, the credit requests are checked to determine if they are within acceptable limits, then assuming they are within those limits credits are granted. If they are not within those limits the unit is sent back out for someone else to crunch to try and get numbers within the allowable limits.

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Message 26791 - Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 16:31:40 UTC

How about a right-click on the project and then a single click on update? It works for me that way...

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Message 26854 - Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 21:51:53 UTC

The same way works for me

Drop by ours and have a look SETI Synergy
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Message 26872 - Posted: 15 Sep 2004, 23:06:10 UTC

I've noticed that the unit crunches for several minutes after the bar reaches 100% as well.. is this because of rounding in the % done column (ie it's 99.995% done, so it rounds to 100%)? Is it because after completion, the file has to be re-compressed or some such before being sent to Berkley??? I know not... but I think I'd like to know....

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