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Questions and Answers : Wish list : WUs migrating

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Message 619958 - Posted: 16 Aug 2007, 0:19:46 UTC

Since this is a wish list, I wish possibility of migrating workunits from one computer to another. I have been doing this by editing client_state.xml, but it stopped working recently... so i would like, if it would be possible by some 'offical way'. Thanks

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Message 620018 - Posted: 16 Aug 2007, 2:25:49 UTC

There is no official way. BOINC was created the way it was to stop most of the cheating that happened in classic. It's supposed to be that the computer that downloads the work, should be the one that crunches it and returns it. If the latest versions are making this tighter, it's because some cheating may have been found and the people at Berkeley are figuring out how to stop it.


Questions and Answers : Wish list : WUs migrating

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