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Message 618917 - Posted: 14 Aug 2007, 2:59:21 UTC

I am in Dan Wertheimer's super-secret astronomers-only basement suite, since I'm back in Berkeley for a little less than two weeks while my family's back up in Canada. I have a major European Fellowship proposal due in about 12 hours, and I've been working with colleagues in England on that for the last three weeks, except when I've been on the road, which has been a lot. I've driven over 7000 km in the last 3 weeks. Doesn't leave much time for pensive and critical though.

Sadly this travel means I might not see Eric again for quite some time. Before I left he took off for the Bioastronomy conference in Puerto Rico, and just before I got back he took off for the Midwest. And I'll be gone back to BC before he gets back, since I'll be attending an Interstellar Medium conference in Naramata. I have no idea when I'll be able to prepare my GALFA presentations for that...

But it was good to see everyone else today. Matt and Jeff and especially Bob seem to have gotten multibeam SETI@home going, which is great news. Now I just might try to install BOINC again on my laptop.
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Message 619055 - Posted: 14 Aug 2007, 11:30:09 UTC

eh Kevin - too bad re: 'missin' your friend / peer (Eric) and phones are definitely NOT as such as 'in person', eh . . .

Good to hear you updatin' and hidin' 'bout in the lab . . . Best of Luck on Your Proposal Sir!

Again - Stay Well and Good Luck in All Your Endeavors . . .

See You around & about the Net . . . later


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