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Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Progress? And some other questions

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Message 1873 - Posted: 25 Jun 2004, 13:23:39 UTC

So how can you see how much the client has progressed? And how about starting the client up? Is this done automatically? Or should the user do it through the terminal after each reboot?

Are there any plans for a gui like that one for windows?

Niels Meersschaert
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Message 2196 - Posted: 26 Jun 2004, 1:31:54 UTC
Last modified: 26 Jun 2004, 1:32:16 UTC

If you look inside the install directory where you are running boinc, you'll see an XML file called client_state.xml. Inside there, you'll find current task progress. For myself, I made a simple webapp (under Tomcat) that parses the XML and displays some of the information in a web page. I can then simply go to that page to see my Seti status.

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Message 2211 - Posted: 26 Jun 2004, 1:58:34 UTC - in response to Message 2196.

More specifically look for this in the client_state.xml:

The tag tells me that my computer is 20.7% done with this work unit.

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Message 6030 - Posted: 10 Jul 2004, 10:12:06 UTC
Last modified: 10 Jul 2004, 10:13:31 UTC

Depending on your version of Mac OS X, i Use Jaguar, and this is an example of how I do it using terminal, cd inthedirectoryboincis/slots/0 press return
type in grep prog state.sah press return this is what it looks like for me,
[mattruthsimac:boinc-seti10.2.8/slots/0] mattruth% grep prog state.sah
hope this helps give an idea if the other ideas do not work for them..

Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Progress? And some other questions

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